Evaluating and Curating Online Information


“Curation is more than just gathering. It’s organizing, tagging, vetting, evaluating, and most importantly, sharing.”

classflowIt is important in this fast moving technology era that we not only learn ourselves, but also teach our students from an early age how to evaluate and then curate the information that they can easily access. Many students believe because it is on the internet it is true. They have to be reminded that anyone can put out information. Once information has been evaluated and vetted, it is wise to organize and archive it so that it can be shared.

In edWeb community Reinventing the Classroom’s May webinar, Jerry Blumengarten, former NYC educator and host of Cybraryman.com, shared ways to critically evaluate information and how to identify the materials’ accuracy, bias, currency, credibility and reliability. The webinar also explored ways to organize information and then examined a myriad of tools that can be used in the curation process.  Ways to disseminate this vetted information so others can benefit were covered as well.  Watch the webinar recording to learn how to help your students with evaluating and curating online information!

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