Education Talk Radio | Early Childhood Education Communities’s Jenifer Morack was interviewed by Education Talk Radio’s Larry Jacobs. In this interview, Jenifer spoke in depth about’s communities – specifically its early childhood education communities – and how they serve a diverse group of educators. She also gave listeners a behind-the-scenes look at how and its sponsors collaborate to put webinars together.

Since we developed our first early childhood education community in partnership with AWE Learning (PreK-3 Digital Learning), the popularity of similar communities has grown tremendously. Last year’s number one webinar, featuring Dr. Jean Feldman, was presented by Frog Street Press’ Early Childhood Learning Solutions community. This year, Dr. Becky Bailey’s webinar for the same community, which will take place on January 20th at 2:00 PM EST, is poised to break those records.

In addition to providing professional development opportunities to teachers, Larry emphasized the value of for administrators and College of Education professors:

“…school boards, superintendents need to know what’s going on in their kindergarten classes…what should be going on in their kindergarten classes…edWeb is for educators, not just teachers. I want to make that point very, very clear”

Jenifer and Larry also discussed trending topics in early childhood education, the biggest being integrating many varieties of learning into playtime. Presenters are sharing the many ways in which play can assist in not just social development, but emotional and brain development as well.

Original Air-date:  01/09/2015

Hosted by Larry Jacobs of Education Talk Radio.

Listen to the interview below.