Coding, Robotics & Making: Finding Money to Support your STEM Program


In this webinar Susancode-647012_640 Wells shared foundations of STEM and STEAM and discussed why coding, robotics and making are at the core of innovative learning environments. Susan provided tips on finding funding to support your STEM programs. She also described her ground-breaking program Camp TechTerra. Camp TechTerra is a summer camp and after school program where students aged 5-14 learn a range of topics from coding and robotics, to nature and safety, to stop-motion animation, all in the context of the great outdoors. Coding is introduced with beginner tutorials and moves students to numerous web and app based programs. Students learn the basics including: sequential control flow, procedures, loops, and debugging. Practical application and the art of making is provided with the chance to develop mobile apps in the context of serving and protecting our outdoor spaces. In this session attendees: learned how the Camp TechTerra curriculum provides a unique learning experience combining mobile technologies, coding, robotics, MakersEd, science and the great outdoors; learned how a TechTerra certification, delivered as a live training to teachers, gives them the knowledge and ability to easily and effectively incorporate STEM and nature in their own classrooms; received grant tips and opportunities to fund their own STEM coding-based program.

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