4 Steps to FLIP a Challenging Moment into a Learning Opportunity for Young Children


classroom managementWhen children use challenging behavior, it is an opportunity to teach them how to become emotionally aware problem-solvers that can use healthy coping strategies in difficult moments. In this edWeb.net webinar for the Classroom Management for Early Learning community,  Rachel Wagner Sperry, MSW, Devereux Center for Resilient Children, covered four steps that offer a simple, kind, strength-based, commonsense and effective strategy, for day-to-day challenges and challenging behaviors from children (ages 3-8). The four steps can be remembered using an acronym that spells FLIP, which stands for Feelings, Limits, Inquiries, and Prompts. This strategy is nothing new, but transforms best practices into a strategy that is easy to remember, applicable in a variety of challenging situations, and portable.

View this webinar recording to learn:

  • Important information about the development and uses of this 4 step strategy;
  • The 3 prerequisites for strategy success, including the importance of relationships, empathy and an understanding of risk factors
  • Why the Feelings step is critical to transforming challenging behavior
  • How to accomplish the Feelings step and avoid pitfalls; and
  • Quick tips for how to implement the Limits, Inquiries and Prompts steps

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