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Flexible Grouping and Collaborative Learning: Making It Work

Thursday January 31, 2019 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST

Flexible Grouping and Collaborative Learning

Presented by Dina Brulles, Ph.D., Education Consultant; and Karen L. Brown, M.Ed., Education Consultant
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“If committed educators could be easily trained to implement a low-cost intervention that boasted consistent learning gains for all students, headlines would herald the discovery of the educational holy grail. That low-cost intervention is here and readily available. It’s called ability grouping.” – Paula Olszewski-Kubilius

In this edWebinar, attendees will learn how to implement and successfully use flexible grouping to build student collaboration and to challenge all learners. Flexible grouping isn’t a single step; it is a process that requires support and practice. Dina Brulles, Ph.D. and Karen Brown, M.Ed. will detail how to work through the process and share ways to structure both your classroom learning environment and the grouping of students to set the stage for success for everyone.

Determining what needs to happen before flexible groups are established, what strategies to use within the groups, and when and how student work within the groupings should be evaluated all are part of the process. The presenters will share the strategies, practices, and supports needed to keep the structures fluid and manageable, enabling you to approach flexible grouping with confidence. You’ll learn ways to design a classroom framework that removes the “chaos” from flexible grouping and collaborative learning. It’s the how-to piece teachers are seeking!

This session will be of particular benefit to K-12 teachers, school leaders, and gifted-education coordinators, mentors, and coaches. There will be time to get your questions answered at the end of the presentation.

Dina BrullesAbout the Presenters

Dina Brulles, Ph.D. is a school administrator and the gifted-education director for Arizona’s Paradise Valley Unified School District. Recognized for her expertise in creating and supervising schoolwide cluster grouping, she also assists districts throughout the United States in developing gifted-education programs, including those districts serving culturally and linguistically diverse gifted students. She holds a Ph.D. in gifted education and an M.S. in curriculum and instruction and serves on the faculty of the Graduate College of Education at Arizona State University. Dina coauthored the books: A Teacher’s Guide to Flexible Grouping and Collaborative Learning; Designing Gifted Education Programs: From Purpose to Implementation; Differentiated Lessons for All Learners; The Cluster Grouping Handbook; Teaching Gifted Kids in Today’s Classrooms; and Helping All Gifted Children Learn. Prior to becoming an administrator, Dina was an elementary classroom teacher, a bilingual teacher, an ESL teacher, and a gifted-cluster teacher. She lives in Peoria, Arizona.

Karen BrownKaren Brown, M.Ed. is the gifted program mentor for Arizona’s Paradise Valley Schools. Karen works with K–12 teachers to ensure that the instruction provides the appropriate challenge for all students. Karen teaches in the gifted education master’s program at Arizona State University and consults throughout the country. Karen is the recipient of 2018 NAGC Master’s and Specialist Award and was the co-recipient of the 2013 NAGC Professional Development Award. She has coauthored two books: Differentiated Lessons for Every Learner and A Teacher’s Guide to Flexible Grouping and Collaborative Learning.


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