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Supporting Preschool Science Learning Through Music

Wednesday, November 7, 2018 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm EST

Preschoolers having music lesson

Presented by Jackie Jacobs, Director, Music Together of Fairfield County, CT
Sponsored by Music Together



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As all educators know, young children are natural scientists! Driven by their innate curiosity, they explore, experiment, and ask questions as they learn about the world around them. In this way, scientific inquiry and understanding begin in early childhood. Providing children with active and participatory music experiences can be an enjoyable way to support the development of scientific thinking and understanding in fun and developmentally appropriate ways.

In this edWebinar, Jackie Jacobs, Director of Music Together of Fairfield County, CT, will explore the National Science Teachers Association’s key principles to guide the learning of science among young children and discuss how music experiences can support these principles. She’ll demonstrate how songs, rhythmic chants, instrument play, and other music activities can support many of the science benchmarks listed in state early learning standards that have a science domain.

You’ll leave this edWebinar with new musical tools to use to support young students’ engagement in scientific exploration and understanding, laying the foundation for future science learning in K-12. This session will be of particular benefit to educators working with toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners. There will be time to get your questions answered after Jackie’s presentation.

Jackie JacobsAbout the Presenter

Jackie Jacobs has been a Music Together teacher and center director for the last 25 years. She regularly leads professional development workshops for preschool teachers and educational leaders in the state of Connecticut and for other Music Together teachers around the United States and Canada. Jackie was a partner and co-founder of the Total Learning Initiative in Bridgeport, CT, collaborating with educational leadership to develop and implement an arts-based teaching approach to closing the achievement gap for low-income, under-served children in Connecticut. Formerly a professional dancer, she received a BA in dance education and human movement studies from Hunter College. She also holds certifications in yoga and Pilates, and is a classically trained pianist. Jackie has achieved Certification Level II status from Music Together Worldwide, having demonstrated outstanding achievement in teaching, musicianship, program philosophy, and parent education.


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Music Together At Music Together, we understand the importance of music in early childhood—from birth, in fact. Because the truth is, most people are born with enough music aptitude to play in a symphony orchestra when they are adults, if they choose. But first we must learn how to “speak music”—to take the musical instrument we all have, ourselves, developing that musical capacity from a very young age. The sounds we make, our movements, our rhythms—these are the building blocks of music and of early childhood learning. And that’s what Music Together is all about.

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