Virtual Ed Summit with Google for Education

Virtual Ed Summit

Virtual Ed Summit with Google for Education

Learn how to use Google for Education to support remote teaching and enhance learning in the traditional classroom:

  • Learn how to facilitate remote teaching using G Suite for Education while preserving continuity of classroom instruction and rigor.
  • Explore best practices of using Google Classroom and free Google applications not commonly known.
  • Discover how to align to curricular goals and maintain sound instructional design across your virtual education practices.
  • Support the four pillars of remote teaching: Community, Collaboration, Assessment and Accessibility, while increasing engagement and rigor.

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Presenter Headshots

Presented by Al Morali, Senior Learning Leader; Erin Hommeland, Director of Process and Planning; Marcie Hebert, Director of STEM;
Mike Wojtaszewski, Senior Learning Leader; Erin Sailor, Senior Learning Leader; and Machele Clark, Learning Leader


Breakout sessions include:

Google Classroom 101
In this introductory session, explore the functionality of a Google Classroom and the features used to bolster instructional content and promote community in the remote classroom.

DEEPEN Asynchronous Virtual Learning with the G Suite
Take your Google Classroom to the next level and learn how to incorporate G Suite integrations to promote instruction, community, and collaboration in the remote classroom to facilitate asynchronous learning.

Virtual Field Trips with Google
Have you ever wanted to host a field trip to another country? Or tour an area as you read about it in literature? Or explore the seven wonders of the world with your class? Google offers multiple applications to bring the world to you virtually! In this session, learn how to host virtual field trips without leaving your home.

Formative Assessments with Google Drawings, Google Slides, & Jamboard
Low-stake assessments such as exit tickets and quizzes can be used as effective ways to measure student knowledge. In this session, learn how to use Google Drawings, Google Slides, and Jamboard to create formative assessments and promote collaboration.

Utilizing Forms and Sheets For Assessment & Data Collection
Google Forms and Google Sheets are effective classroom tools for assigning assessments and collecting student data. This session will focus on how to monitor the student process and analyze data collected to increase meaningful learning experience.

Building Google Sites to Display Evidence of Learning
In a world of remote learning, it can be overwhelming gathering data on student progress. In this session, learn how Google Sites can act as a platform to promote student portfolios, projects, and other forms of evidence of learning.

Promoting Accessibility & Collaboration through Choice Boards
Through the integration of Google Tools, students are given accessibility and opportunities to collaborate with their peers on content though choice boards. Learn how to motivate and engage students by offering choice boards in the classroom.

Google Powered Inquiry-Based Learning Experiences
Inquiry-based learning encourages learning through questioning. In this session, explore the structure of the 5E’s and how a variety of G Suite applications can be used to develop authentic inquiry-based experiences.

Screencasting for Teachers & Students
Do your students ask for you to repeat math problems, stories, and how-to instruction? Go beyond screen sharing and explore multimedia instruction. In this session, explore design principles such as screen time, chunking content, and multimedia principles.

Curating Content with YouTube
YouTube videos are a fun and interactive way to bring content into the classroom. In this session, discover the power of YouTube playlists to facilitate asynchronous learning and how to create multiple access points for all learners to design engaging activities based on YouTube videos.

Designing Learning Experiences with TPACK & Google Tools
TPACK offers support for educators to explain the set of knowledge, teach effectively, and utilize technology in a learning experience. In this session explore the functionality of TPACK and how to use its foundation to evaluate different Google resources when designing a learning experience.

Differentiated Instruction with Forms
Go beyond the basics with Google Forms and discover how to create interactive assessments, choose your own adventure stories, and integrate multimedia content to enhance student participation.

Using Google Tools to Promote Literacy Skills
G Suite offers a variety of applications that can be used to promote literacy skills for reading and writing, and create engaging activities. Discover how to integrate different G Suite features and add-ons into a learning experience to promote an array of literacy skills.

Creating Math Learning Experiences with Google Tools
Do you wonder how to create engaging math learning experiences online? Google offers multiple tools and add-ons that can be used to enhance math experiences for the learner by offering opportunities to manipulate mathematical equations, evaluate problems, and engage in fun math activities.

Deliberate Design with GoogleScience Journal
The Google Science Journal app was created to bring the science lab into the palm of the student’s hand. In this session learn how to utilize the Science Journal with the help of the Engineering Design Process to build mobile science labs.


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edWeb and Eduscape are co-hosting virtual conferences combining their areas of experience to provide the best virtual conferences for educators, especially in this time of remote learning. 

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