Video Creations as Demonstrations of Learning


Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 12.29.51 PMBetween cell phones and tablets, it seems that nearly every student has access to a video camera today. This month, the Mobile Learning Explorations community held a webinar about using video to enhance student learning. Presenter Richard Byrne, Digital Learning Consultant for Free Technology for Teachers, shared some of the ways that students can demonstrate knowledge of content and process – through the use of free video creation apps and web tools. From short, one-take video reports to longer documentary videos to bringing creative writing to life, the webinar covered topics and strategies that all teachers can put to use in their classrooms. Attendees learned about flipping the flipped classroom by having students create short video lessons for each other.  Richard shared ideas for how to video blog with YouTube and Blogger and why you might want your students to blog this way.  He discussed adding videos to augmented reality experiences, creating animated videos to bring students’ writing to life, and haring students’ video projects while being mindful of privacy concerns.  Watch the webinar recording to learn about these exciting ways to use video creations as demonstrations of learning with your students!

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