Teaching Code Through Creative Video Projects


camcorder-15734_1280In this edWeb.net webinar, attendees learned about ways to bring coding into the classroom through multimedia projects. Melissa Halfon will provide a rundown of Vidcode, a platform designed to teach programming by making video projects with code. Through a web-based software, paired curriculum, and teacher training, she introduced this solution for teaching computer science in a fun and engaging way to weave into your classroom, after-school and summer curricula. Appropriate for both computer science and non-CS teachers of students age 10 and up, teachers were able to take away where Vidcode falls in the landscape of coding tools. Through a hybrid interface of block-based and syntactical code, Vidcode functions as a bridge between visual programming languages like Scratch and full-scale software engineering. Built on the mission to increase girls’ participation in computer science, this curriculum appeals to young women by tapping into a hobby they are already immersed in: video and photo sharing. Topics covered include: How to incorporate code into other disciplines through video-based projects; Projects ideas for semester- and year-long classes; Key factors to hit in order to grow young women’s enrollment in computer science classes; Introduction to the Vidcode interface and curriculum and ways to get started right away; Explanation of training and support for both computer science and non-CS teachers. Melissa fielded questions from participants submitted throughout this webinar presented by the Teaching Kids to Code community on edWeb.net. This interactive session helped everyone better understand and how to teach code in a fun and engaging way.

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