Strategies for Teaching Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder


autismAutism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a complex disorder that affects people differently. Young children with autism show impairments in social interactions with other people, verbal and nonverbal communication, and routines. Children with ASDs find both physical and verbal social interactions challenging, and approximately 40% do not talk at all. Additionally, they may repeat actions or words over and over again and struggle with a change in routine.

In this webinar for the Early Learning Book Chats community, Dr. Clarissa Willis, Associate Professor of Teacher Education at the University of Southern Indiana, offered strategies for teachers to assist their early learners with social interaction difficulties, communication challenges, and developing routines. Participants of the webinar then had the opportunity to identify how these strategies could be implemented in their own setting. View this professional development webinar recording to:

  • learn about the characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorder and sensory integration dysfunction;
  • understand the early warning signs that a child may have autism;
  • understand simple strategies that can be used to help children with autism be more successful in early childhood settings; and
  • learn how to communicate with a child’s family so that skills learned at home and at school can be reinforced, enabling the child to master them more quickly and easily.

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