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edWeb is a professional learning network that helps educators get personalized PD 24/7, for free.  All educators — teachers, librarians, and administrators — can connect and collaborate in our online communities and attend engaging edWebinars on a wide range of important K-12 topics.

edWeb is a PD marketing solution for education organizations. Host professional learning programs for educators and receive real-time feedback, valuable relationships, and exceptionally high quality leads.

edWeb is a WIN/WIN solution that helps educators and education organizations support each other through valuable professional learning experiences.

edWeb PD Marketing : Two Options

Host a PD learning community

Featuring your exclusive branding, your organization’s community provides educators with the support they need to improve their practice in a fast-changing education world. The edWeb team will also help you present a series of professional learning edWebinars targeted to your community that provide continuous support and engagement for educators. We handle all the logistics and promotion; you get the opportunity to interact with committed educators and receive invaluable leads.

Present a solo PD edWebinar

Present a one-shot edWebinar and see the superior experience and results with edWeb. You provide the topic and potential speakers; we do the rest from marketing to tech support. edWebinars are archived on our site, so the connections never end. Our clients, presenters, and educators love edWebinars!

Education organizations turn to edWeb to reach engaged educators!

Visit our partner/sponsor page to see the leading organizations that turn to edWeb for thought leadership and lead generation, and read their enthusiastic comments. Read their comments.

CODiE Award 2018 logoedWeb Won the 2018 SIIA CODiE Award for Best Overall Education Solution

edWeb.net won three SIIA CODiE Awards at the 2018 ceremony on June 13th in San Francisco: Best Collaborative Social Media Solution for Educators, Best Professional Learning Solution for Faculty and Administrative Staff, and also won the top award – Best Overall Education Solution for Educators – by getting the highest score from the judges of any of the submissions.

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