Self-Directed Learners: Successful in School, Successful in Life


precocious-432664_640Every entrepreneur hits roadblocks along the way. The key is to have the inner strength, resilience, and confidence in yourself to know you can push through and get the results you are after. Often referred to as self-efficacy, these skills are also important in learning. Do you teach students who are underachieving — students who don’t seem to believe they are capable of doing the work, even though you know they can? If you answered “yes,” this webinar is for you. What these students are lacking is self-efficacy, the belief in one’s ability to succeed in a specific situation. The good news is that with the right instructional approaches, you can turn that situation around. Research indicates that with those gains in self-efficacy come higher academic achievement, deeper learning, and a foundation for future entrepreneurship. In this webinar presented by the Developing 21st Century Skills in Next Generation Entrepreneurs community, Cheryl Lemke, CEO of Metiri Group and an internationally acclaimed thought leader on 21st Century learning, connected the dots for teachers about this research. Highlighting the importance of purposefully developing self-efficacy in students as a building block to success in school and in entrepreneurship, she shared a set of specific, practical strategies that teachers can use Monday morning to identify those students who are not self-efficacious, and to immediately take action to close any gaps.

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