Reading Informational Text: Focus on Key Ideas and Details

Text-dependent questions. Text-based answers.  These are two phrases often heard in conversations about the Common Core State Standards. Why is there a new emphasis on evidence? What types of questions and tasks will help you push students to engage in discussions that are grounded in examples from the text? In the first webinar from TIME For Kids, Suzanne Zimbler and Jaime Joyce discussed these issues and provided classroom activities and sample texts ideal for addressing the Common Core standards. They focused on informational text, another area of emphasis within the standards. They provided suggestions for differentiating instruction in order to meet the needs of students at various reading and skill levels.  Suzanne and Jaime gave participants numerous resources that can be used in guiding students through a focused analysis.  Click the image below to watch this webinar.

Quotes from the session:

“Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and your ideas – they are great!”

“Just checked out and it is great! Thank you for the information.”

“You ladies are excellent! Loved your pace for giving us so much in such a small amount of time.”

“The quality of your resources is TERRIFIC… Thank you both for a very valuable hour! Well worth it!”

Click to view the webinar: "Reading Informational Text."

Click to view the webinar: “Reading Informational Text.”

Presented by Suzanne Zimbler and Jaime Joyce, Assistant Managing Editors, TIME For Kids

Suzanne Zimbler came to TIME For Kids in 2007 after teaching in New York City public schools for three and a half years. At TFK, she creates teaching resources to be used along with TFK’s classroom magazines. Her goal is always to come up with activities and lessons that she would have loved using with my students. She also writes and edits articles for TIME For Kids magazines and website, Whether writing about edible insects or the race to save cheetahs, she hopes to get kids excited about reading the news.

Jaime Joyce joined TIME For Kids in 2007 after seven years teaching elementary school and seven more in museum education and children’s publishing. At TFK, she works on the Teacher’s Guides that accompany TFK’s weekly magazine. She also writes and edits for the magazine and for Her recent work includes coverage of the 2012 Presidential race, a story about an indestructible soccer ball and another about the Explorers Club Annual Dinner, in New York City, where she got to talk with legendary Mercury 7 astronauts John Glenn and Scott Carpenter as well as guests who dared to eat the evening’s insect appetizers.

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