Randy Moczygemba on 1-to-1 education

In this interview Randy Moczygemba, Superintendent in New Braunffels, TX, gives an overview of his experience with 1-to-1. He was chosen as this month’s edTech Innovator for his work with his districts 1-to-1 initiative. The interview, conducted by Executive Editor of THE Journal Chris Phieler, focuses on the New Braunffels district wide iPad initiative.

Randy Moczygemba Headshot

Seven years ago, when Randy arrived at the New Braunffels district, there was already internet connectivity in almost every classroom. Since then, he has executed and nurtured the 1-to-1 initiative which began in the 9th grade. In order to make his program successful, Randy incorporated staff training and development to show teachers how to use the devices and incorporate them into the curriculum.  Today, the initiative has expanded to 9-12th grade, and has given teachers the power to flip their classroom.

He also shares what he has learned from the entire process, including the importance of having a concrete funding plan as a first step, and the impact an initiative has on hiring new employees.   Randy hopes that the 1-to-1 initiative will continue to expand to all classrooms across the district in the future.

Randy hosted a webinar on this topic for the EdTech Innovators community on November 21, 2013 at 5 PM ET.

Original Air-date:  01/06/2014

Hosted by Larry Jacobs of Education Talk Radio.

Listen to the interview below.