Kathy Hurley is President of Kathy Hurley Consulting LLC and a 40+ year veteran of the education industry with deep experience in marketing and sales. She advises industry-leading companies and non-profits and serves on the board of Concord Consortium, CTQ (Center for Teaching Quality), edWeb.net, Jason Learning, NCTET, and Women’s Education Project. She and Deb DeVries co-founded “Girls Thinking Global,” a nonprofit dedicated to the empowerment and education of girls and young women worldwide. Previously, Kathy held the position of Executive Vice President Education Alliances, for the Pearson Foundation. Kathy and Priscilla Shumway, co-edited Real Women, Real Leaders, featuring 24 women who are top leaders in their field. Kathy is based in Punta Gorda, FL and Asbury Park, NJ.