Charmaine is a program manager who works with edWeb sponsors and partners to manage their communities and edWebinar programs on edWeb. Charmaine helps sponsors and partners book their edWebinars and run their programs, and has a gift for helping all of our presenters feel confident about their presentations. Charmaine has a background in public television and media. As the former production manager of NJTV News, Charmaine served as department head of administration where she managed personnel and also student development by spearheading the station’s internship program. She interned at the Children’s Educational Media at WNET and worked with the Teaching Channel. Charmaine is a graduate of Rutgers University-Newark, where she worked with the Newark Mosaic, an organization formed to showcase and empower community engagement and entrepreneurship in Newark. Charmaine continues her involvement with children and teen groups that support her passions in singing and the arts.