edWeb 2019 Teacher Professional Learning Survey

edWeb is a professional learning network that provides teachers and all educators with the personalized professional learning and collaboration needed to improve education and student learning. We accomplish this using our online communities and edWebinars, and are supported by our generous sponsors who make it possible for us to provide these services for free.

We’ve been conducting research on educators’ use of edWeb and its impact on professional learning for a number of years to track trends in professional learning and look for ways to continuously improve.

The 2019 survey was sent to 97,580 teachers and received 1,739 replies with no incentive. That is a 1.78% response rate, and a 48% increase over last year’s survey. edWeb membership also grew 30% in the past year. This coupled with the survey results show the continuing appeal and value of online professional learning, and the impact it has on teaching and student learning.

The results reflect the top reasons why teachers engage in professional learning are; to improve learning for their students, to help improve their own teaching, and because they enjoy learning new ideas and practices from peers and experts in their field. These results reflect the dedication of educators to the larger goal of professional learning – to have an impact on student learning.

New to the 2019 survey, we asked what kind of impact edWeb has on students’ learning. The results overwhelmingly stated that teacher professional development has a direct influence on student learning with 57% of responses stating it has a high impact.

We were happy to see so many similarities in our 2018 and 2019 survey results. Teachers confirmed that webinars were the most helpful type of professional learning and the most important quality in a professional learning program is that it is available anytime for free.

The edWeb community has grown to 650,000 educators around the world. We currently host 300 live edWebinars a year. Every week on edWeb we average 3,500 live attendees and 5,000 on-demand views. That is powerful, sustained engagement. edWeb provides professional learning that is personalized, relevant, collaborative, and sustained over time – and we provide it for free. We received so many comments in the survey and every day on edWeb that inspire us with how edWeb helps educators get the learning and support they need for themselves and for their students. Below are some of our favorites from the 2019 survey.

“edWeb provides me with learning opportunities that do not require me to leave my teaching environment during school hours.”

“I use edWeb almost exclusively for all my PD. I am the only teacher in my district teaching my subject so I like that I can collaborate with peers.”

“Many of the edWeb presentations have been more useful than courses I’ve been required to take that are very expensive.”

Download the edWeb 2019 Survey

In 2017 edWeb began applying to states with a formal application process for state-approved PD. edWeb’s first approval was from the state of New York for CTLE hours. The survey indicates that state approval can be a powerful incentive for participation in online professional learning with impactful results. Check out the New York results compared to the national results below.

Download the New York Survey Data