Mobile Learning: The Time is Now

With technology constantly improving, now is the time to implement mobile learning devices into your curriculum.  In this month’s Mobile Learning webinar, presenter Scott Newcomb shares his experiences over the past 5 years of working with students to use mobile learning devices.   He highlights challenges that may come up during implementation, provides potential solutions, and discusses the benefits.  Additionally, Scott provides useful resources for people at any stage in the implementation process.  Watch the webinar to learn more.

Quotes from the session:

“There are so many amazing apps to choose from so it’s really important to think about your purpose in selecting them. I love the apps that allow for creation and not just consumption.”

“The idea that students can learn there is a wide variety of use for their devices is great. Does not matter how they get there, as long as they get there.”

“Tons of great tips Scott!!! Always so helpful to learn from someone who is doing it!!!”

“This was excellent. Thank you Scott and thank you everyone else for the great resources and ideas.”

Click to view the webinar: "Mobile Learning: The Time is Now."

Click to view the webinar: “Mobile Learning: The Time is Now.”

Presented by: Scott Newcomb, 5th Grade Teacher at St. Mary’s Intermediate School in Ohio

Scott Newcomb has been within the teaching profession for 12 years. He currently works with fourth-graders at St. Marys Intermediate School in Ohio, where he also has helped with professional-development training for staff members on mobile learning. Scott has curated many resources relating to mobile learning on his blog He helped organize and participated in the first Mobile Learning Technology Conference in Ohio.  Scott has conducted mobile learning webinars for Classroom 2.0 Live, EdTech Talk, and the Reform Symposium.

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