Massively Multiplayer Online Games As Effective Tools For Education

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Massively multiplayer online games (MMO’s) have the potential to enable science experiences that allow students to engage in inquiry, problem solving, and experimentation.  Such environments allow for the visualization of information and data that is typically not visible.  The environments also provide students with the capability to accelerate or rewind the passage of time, incorporate feedback and experimentation, and simulate authentic scenarios that are difficult to create in classroom face-to-face settings. Students can work individually or collaboratively and see how their choices have a direct effect on the virtual world.  During the Game-Based Learning community’s last webinar, The Education Arcade’s Dr. Jody Clarke-Midura and Dr. Susannah Gordon-Messer presented research on the educational value of off-the-shelf MMO’s and provided insight on how teachers can use these tools in their classrooms. They specifically presented The Radix Endeavor, an MMO in development at The Education Arcade at MIT that is designed to focus on concepts from high school math and biology. This webinar is presented by Jody Clarke-Midura, Research Scientist at the MIT Education Arcade, and Susannah Gordon-Messer, Education Content Manager for The MIT Education Arcade.

Quotes from the session:

“Thank you for a great introduction to MMO and Radix”

“Thank you for a very interesting and informative presentation.”

“I appreciate all of the ideas and your interest in helping teachers. Thank you.”

“Thanks, guys! You are doing great work, and I’m excited to see what more you have up your sleeves!”

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