Leadership & the Imprint of Your Impact

In education, we have had a tendency to underestimate and/or fail to grasp the vital importance of leadership.  For years, we have ushered strong teachers out of the classroom and into administrative positions with little or no leadership support or development.  In Leadership 3.0’s latest webinar, presenter David Culberhouse discusses the importance of leadership development in education, but also how social media and blogging can serve as powerful collaborative tools to enhance our ongoing development and capacity as leaders. He explored the importance of leadership development for today’s educators and the four key aspects of leadership to cultivate.  He shared how the current collaborative platforms that social media and technology provide allow opportunities to not only increase our learning opportunities in exponential ways but also how they can disrupt our mindset of what we thought was available or possible. Watch the webinar below to see how our leadership and learning can be enhanced and extended through technology and social media.

Quotes from the session:

“Excellent webinar. Thank you so much. You radiate positivity and enthusiasm and I think this important in leadership.”

“Thank you! It is inspiring to say we can lead by learning!”

“Thank you so much. This new insight involves a great motivation for us to do the best we can as teachers to help others succeed. :)”

Click to view the webinar: "Leadership & the Imprint of Your Impact."

Click to view the webinar: “Leadership & the Imprint of Your Impact.”

Presented by David Culberhouse, who is currently moving into his fourth year as Senior Director of Elementary Education in Rialto, California.  He has worked as a teacher at both the elementary and secondary levels.  Administratively, he has served as a Program Specialist, Elementary Administrator and Elementary Principal.  As well as co-moderating the West Coast version of #satchat on Saturday mornings, you can gain access to his thoughts on leadership from his blog,  www.dculberh.wordpress.com and from following him on Twitter @DCulberhouse.

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