Identifying Autism: Keeping Students from Slipping Through the Cracks


mud-431774_640Autism spectrum disorder can be diagnosed in people of all ages, not just young children. When it comes to identifying students at risk, educators are on the front lines. Don’t let kids with subtle signs slip through the cracks. In this webinar for the Amazing Resources for Educators community, presenter Christopher J. Smith, PhD described the signs to look for in your students as well as the critical importance of appropriate identification. Dr. Smith provided information for understanding autism spectrum disorder and Asperger’s disorder (based on the DSM5, the American Psychiatric Association’s current classification and diagnostic tool).  He also shared tips on identifying and screening in schools, what to look for, signs and behaviors, and screening tools for classroom educators and school professionals.  If undetected, this disorder can lead to challenges with mood, anxiety and suicide.  View the webinar to better understand the subtle signs of autism spectrum disorder and the free tools available through

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