Effective Inclusion

Presented by Nina Finkler, M. Ed., B.C.B.A., Director of Outreach Services for Eden Autism Services

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Students with autism are being educated along side of their peers more and more each day. Students with autism benefit from inclusion for a variety of reasons including social interaction and behavioral modeling.  In order for these opportunities to be successful, there must be carefully planned out by everyone involved.   This webinar provides you with guidelines to determine if a student is appropriate for inclusion, what the goals of inclusion should be, and how to best prepare for a successful inclusion experience for everyone involved.

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About the Community
Teaching Students with Autism is a professional learning community (PLC) that provides advice and support for teachers working with students with autism. This is a collaborative community where educators can learn strategies and discover new ideas and resources to support the academic, social, recreational, and life skills needs of students with autism.

The program provides free webinars, live chats, lesson plans, and online discussions to help teachers connect and collaborate on the best practices and to share experiences.

About the Presenter
Nina Finkler is the Director of Outreach Services for the Eden Autism Services. Nina is responsible for overseeing the organization’s outreach consultative, evaluation and training services as well as Eden’s behavior management program. She has worked in the field of autism for 20 years, including extensive practical application of applied behavior analysis, curriculum development, professional/parent training, consultation, and assessment. Nina holds a Master’s degree in Special Education from Rutgers University; and is a NJ licensed Learning Consultant and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.