Can I use edWeb for PD hours in Minnesota?
edWeb CE certificates can be used for your school and district PD hours with approval from your supervisor.

Can I use edWeb to renew my teacher’s license in Minnesota?
Yes, edWeb CE certificates can be used for your required clock hours in Minnesota with approval from your school district. For additional information about renewing your license, visit the Minnesota Professional Educational License and Standards Board or email [email protected].

Earn your CE certificates with edWeb:
You can view live or recorded edWebinars to earn edWeb CE certificates. To receive your certificates, be sure you are a member of edWeb.net, it’s free! As a member, you can download your personalized CE certificates from your edWebinar transcript page.
Learn more and join here.

edWeb Quiz and Personal PD Plan:
Your edWebinar transcript page provides a CE quiz and a link to complete a PD Plan for each edWebinar.
-When you pass the quiz, “Assessment Quiz Passed” will be printed on your CE certificate.
-Your PD Plan will print out with your CE certificate.
-We recommend that you check with your supervisor to see if these assessments are required.

Other helpful resources for Minnesota educators:
PELSB Renewal Requirements Chart

For ideas on how to use edWeb for virtual professional learning, check out our helpful guides.


Contact Information
Department of Education
Visit www.education.state.mn.us

Last updated: April 2023
Though edWeb attempts to maintain accurate and up-to-date information, educators are individually responsible for understanding the submission and approval process of all professional development and licensing work in their state.

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