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edWeb recently presented a PD in Action edLeader Panel entitled, “All-in-One Virtual Professional Learning to Support Your Whole Staff,” hosted by Melissa Hodgson, Manager of Professional Learning at edWeb, and Dr. Robin Knutelsky, Director of Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment, and Human Resources at Northern Highlands Regional High School (NJ). The purpose of the presentation was to share with educators how to create a robust system of support for their entire staff through virtual professional learning.

The panelists discussed the current landscape of professional learning that has emerged as the world works its way out of the pandemic. They highlighted that educators and students are facing new challenges that impact learning and wellness, and the current landscape requires new ways to support educators. They discussed the need for high-quality professional learning and how it can have far-reaching impact beyond acquiring new knowledge.

The panelists then introduced edWeb’s platform and its features, explaining how educators can use its free resources to support their goals and staff and how a premium district membership can provide additional support.

This edLeader Panel gave educators an idea of how virtual professional learning can support their staff and help them navigate the new challenges brought on by the pandemic. The platform provides high-quality professional learning for educators and offers a variety of resources to support their professional development.

Virtual professional learning has become more convenient, relevant, and enjoyable for busy educators, thanks to platforms like edWeb. edWeb is a community of over one million PreK-12 educators from 185 different countries, who come together for social networking and collaboration. The platform is known for its edWebinars, with 2,500 programs available, which come with CE certificates for PD hours. The edWeb ecosystem provides a hub for all-in-one virtual professional learning, with all the resources needed to offer a higher level of support for an entire staff.

Educators can access new learning on timely topics from credible expert educators, demonstrate their new learning with quizzes and PD plans, and connect and collaborate with other educators around the world. The platform can be especially beneficial for educators in departments or school districts with few roles alike or colleagues, allowing them to attend edWebinars and connect with other teachers in their specific areas of practice. edWeb provides an opportunity for professional learning that is relevant and available to all educators, regardless of their background or experience.

The panelists emphasized that the platform evaluates every presentation for quality and credibility of the presenters and that educators can access credible experts on edWeb for free. Additionally, the virtual professional learning communities (PLCs) on edWeb provide a way for educators to connect, share, and collaborate on new learning from the edWebinars, and to tailor professional development to their own district goals.

The platform offers a robust support system for both individual educators and administrators and has received positive feedback from users, with 88% saying they acquired valuable information and resources from edWeb, and 87% saying their knowledge increased as a result. The platform has shown its relevance before, during, and after the pandemic, making it a powerful tool for professional learning.

The edWeb platform provides an array of features for school communities to engage in professional development and lifelong learning, including a blog, discussion forum, resource library, and webinar archive. Schools can use edWeb to curate content that aligns with their districts’ goals and to push out specific edWebinars. The platform is also equipped with Twitter feed and YouTube channel integrations and a reports dashboard that provides an accountability tool for administrators to track staff engagement and activity, including the edWebinars they attend, quizzes they take, and their professional development plans.

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