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Changing from At-Risk to At-Promise

Wednesday, October 16, 2019 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm EDT

Changing from At-Risk to At-Promise

Presented by Julie Evans, Board Member, RAPSA; Johni L. Cruse Craig, Ed.D, Project Director, Delta Teacher Efficacy Campaign/Teachers Advocating to lead Great Change (DTEC/TAG); Rudy Cuevas, Charter Schools Superintendent, YouthBuild; and Kim Moore, Principal, SIATech High School

Sponsored by Thriving YOUniversity and Reaching At-Promise Students Association (RAPSA)



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Education leaders have long called for a paradigm shift in how underserved students in low-income communities are perceived and taught. This year the California Legislature has acted to replace the term “at-risk” with the more people-centered “at-promise” in California’s Education and Penal Codes. Join the Reaching At-Promise Students Association’s (RAPSA) edWebinar to learn more about how you can join this initiative to move students from at-risk to at-promise.

This edWebinar features RAPSA Board Member Julie Evans, DTEC/TAG Project Director Johni L. Cruse Craig, Ed.D, YouthBuild Charter Schools Superintendent Rudy Cuevas, and SIATech Principal Kim Moore. Join this edWebinar to:

  • Discover strategies for empowering students
  • Learn best practices for addressing challenges outside of the classroom
  • Explore the importance of building meaningful relationships to hear the cares and challenges of students and their families
  • Develop opportunities to make a positive difference in the lives, communities, and future of at-promise students
  • Learn how to use the RAPSA Forum to have a national impact by redirecting deficit mindsets in schools, agencies, and communities

This edWebinar will be of interest to high school and higher education teachers, school and district leaders, alternative school staff, and professionals and advocates that work to reengage at-promise youth.


Julie EvansAbout the Presenters

Julie Evans is the CEO of the national education nonprofit organization, Project Tomorrow whose mission is to ensure that today’s students are well prepared to become tomorrow’s leaders, innovators, and engaged citizens of the world. Under her leadership, Project Tomorrow has emerged as a national leader promoting the use of innovative and research-based science, math, and technology resources in our K-12 schools to develop critical thinking, problem-solving and creativity skills in students.
Prior to joining the organization in 1999, Julie enjoyed a successful 17-year career in the technology for-profit sector. Her career includes 12 years in regional sales and marketing management with Unisys and as an executive with two high tech startup companies in the educational technology arena. Julie is a graduate of Brown University.


Dr. Johni Cruse CraigDr. Johni Cruse Craig serves as the national project director of the Delta Teacher Efficacy Campaign (DTEC), a national initiative that aims to enhance student achievement by focusing on improving teacher effectiveness, leadership, and advocacy. She leads this national effort by conducting teacher efficacy trainings throughout the nation. She currently partners with districts, schools, and other organizations providing professional development and workshops. Additionally, Dr. Craig serves as the project director for Teachers Advocating to lead Great change (TAG) comprised of six state teams leading educational policy advocacy work in their respective states. “Education: It’s A Heart Matter®” guides her divine path as she seeks to connect Heart 2 Heart with others to impact education for ALL.


Dr. Rudy CuevasDr. Rudy Cuevas firmly believes that the primary focus of our schools and communities should be the preparation of young people for their participation in our democracy. Inspired by the above framework, Dr. Cuevas serves as the Superintendent for YouthBuild Charter School of Ca (YCSC), where he oversees 19 charter school sites in service of YouthBuild, WIOA, and Conservation Corps programs across California. At YCSC, Dr. Cuevas has facilitated the development and implementation of an innovative project-based learning model that creates leaders for social change. Dr. Cuevas is a founding board member of the LMU School of Education Alumni Association, an inaugural fellow of the Executive Latino Leadership Association, and a graduate of the Harvard Institute for Superintendents and District Leaders. To support the growth and development of other schools, Dr. Cuevas annually serves as a chair on behalf of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

Kim MooreKim Moore is an education leader who serves as Principal for SIATech South Sacramento, a high school that reengages out of school youth. Kim is an expert at developing partnerships with community resource organizations that provide wrap around services for her at-promise students.



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Thriving YOUniversityThriving YOUniversity is an innovative and cutting-edge company that empowers individuals and organizations to thrive through online and in-person experiential learning courses, coaching, keynotes, and consulting. Thriving YOUniversity partners with PreK-12 educational agencies, non-profit organizations, and businesses across the nation to provide engaging learning that shifts both individual resilience and performance as well as organizational climate, resulting in successful and sustainable change.

The Reaching At-Promise Students Association (RAPSA)The Reaching At-Promise Students Association (RAPSA) is a nonprofit organization focused on helping educators working with at-risk students. By identifying students as “at-promise,” the organization emphasizes the belief that despite obstacles, all students can succeed. Today, RAPSA is a leading professional development and networking organization for those working with the at-promise student population, and has a membership of hundreds including teachers, administrators, counselors, coaches and community members. This webinar is part of their initiative to transform the way that at-promise students are perceived and supported.

The Reaching At-Promise Students Association (RAPSA)

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