Prepping for Assessments: Priorities for Back to School


Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 11.42.53 AMWhich skills should I start with in August and September?  I can’t teach all of the standards – which are most important? Depth of Knowledge takes time – how do I build it in?  What do the new assessments look like anyway?  In this webinar for the Implementing the Common Core State Standards community, presenter Kevin Baird, Chairman at the Center for College & Career Readiness, laid out a 90 day Priority Plan for your classroom. He covered key standards to focus on, lesson plan elements to include, library alignments and assessment strategies.  He also provided a sneak peek at many of the new assessment items. View the webinar to get a jump start in Literacy and Math!

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Implementing the Common Core State Standards is a professional learning community where educators can develop a better understanding of the Common Core State Standards and how to implement them in their schools and classrooms.  This is an online collaborative community where educators can receive valuable information and guidance and also come together to discuss guidelines and current practices.  This program is sponsored by Follett.

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