Outdoor Classroom Management


spade-24434_640Along with abundant opportunities for learning and fun, outdoor classrooms come with a unique set of challenges, particularly in relation to classroom management. How do I focus students’ attention on the lesson when the squirrels are dropping walnuts from the tree? How do I hold a class discussion when my students are hesitant to sit on the soil? How do I convince 30 students that the garden is a learning environment and not a space for extra recess time? In this webinar, presented by the Growing School Gardens community on edWeb.net, Whitney Cohen, Life Lab’s Education Director, used stories, photos, and discussion to share tried-and-true tips for managing large groups of students in an outdoor environment. Topics included: Tone setting, comfort, and routines; Fostering student buy-in; Encouraging productive teamwork and cooperative learning; Establishing group norms; Determining when to be consistent with the indoor rules and when to establish new behavior expectations. View the webinar for a wide range of tips and strategies for outdoor classroom management.

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