The Languages We’re Learning Now

The NPR Show “On Point” with Tom Ashbrook had an hour dedicated to language learning. This episode highlights the need for language learning in a globally connected world; and features Nicole Wilson, VP of language learning products at Rosetta Stone.

During the show, contributors discuss what languages are becoming more popular to learn. They also share their input on why it is important to learn another language in our increasingly globally connected world.

Nicole shares that the biggest interest in learning english comes from emerging economies like Brazil, Turkey, China, and South Korea.  “I think now more than ever, people feel connected to the rest of the world.  That facilitates the ability to practice and become fluent in a language,” says Wilson.

Rosetta Stone was originally created as an instructional tool for educators and is currently being used in thousands of classrooms in K-12 and higher ed.  Wilson explains, “The most ideal application of our product is in a blended learning solution, being used by teachers to supplement what they teach.”

Listen to the entire show here.