Educational Games for Girls: Collaboration and Context

Presented by Victoria Van Voorhis, Founder & CEO, Second Avenue Software, with Jayne C. Lammers, Assistant Professor, University of Rochester’s Warner School of Education
Co-hosted by and SIIA
Sponsored by BrainPOP and the USC Rossier School of Education

View the webinar “Educational Games for Girls: Collaboration and Context”

How do girls’ preferences in computer games vary from those of boys?  Girls value the opportunity to collaborate with others in solving problems in non-violent, non-competitive contexts.  These factors should be considered when designing or evaluating games for the classroom.  In this webinar, Victoria and Jayne how to incorporate games into your curriculum to engage all of your students.

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About the Presenters
Victoria Van Voorhis is the founder and CEO of Second Avenue Learning, which designs, develops and manages interactive media, serious games and learning management systems to improve educational outcomes.  Prior to founding Second Avenue, Victoria was a teacher at the middle, high school and college levels.  She also played a leadership role in Xerox Corporation’s Business and innovation strategy.  Victoria received an undergraduate degree from Smith College and a master’s degree from New York University.
Jayne C. Lammers is an Assistant Professor at the University of Rochester’s Warner School of Education, where she directs the secondary English teacher preparation program.  For her dissertation, Jayne conducted a two-year virtual ethnography to study young women’s digital media creations with The Sims video games.  She continues to study adolescents’ literacy learning, especially in online and game-based environments.  Jayne is a former middle and high school English/Reading teacher who received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Central Florida, and her Ph.D. from Arizona State University.