Common Core and English Language Learners: Aligning the Standards


Screen shot 2013-11-04 at 12.00.52 PMIn this webinar for the Common Core community on, presenter Dr. Lindsey Moses of Arizona State University shared her knowledge about aligning the Common Core State Standards with a reading andwriting workshop instructional model in elementary settings. This base of knowledge could be utilized to better understand how to meet the academic and linguistic needs of English language learners within the reading/writing workshop model. In order to best support the needs of diverse classrooms, the presentation included engaging activities and children’s literature examples that focused on comprehension and meaning-making through the use of integrated reading, writing, speaking, listening, viewing and visually representing. The workshop provided strategies to address the needs of students of poverty and English language learners in diverse classrooms using balanced literacy within the workshop model.  The webinar addressed ways to use data to drive and differentiate instruction according to students’ linguistic needs within the workshop model. Lindsey shared instructional strategies and differentiation techniques that align with and support the Common Core State Standards. Suggested fiction and nonfiction children’s literature were presented during the strategies discussion and classroom examples and student work were shared to provide a deeper understanding of how the aligned instructional strategies assist in the language and literacy development of elementary English language learners with a wide range of language proficiency levels.

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