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edWeb works with many organizations to host professional learning communities and programs for educators. Contact us at to learn more.


edWeb is a unique organization within our industry in that they are truly able to offer value to both sides of education: vendors and educators. The approach edWeb takes puts vendors in a position to showcase their thought leadership, share their knowledge and provide meaningful professional learning opportunities to educators and administrators alike. At the same time, educators and administrators have access to high-quality, ongoing professional development at no cost to them other than time. Now more than ever, it is important for vendors to change their approach to those they serve by going beyond being simple solution providers and becoming true partners in the teaching and learning process. The edWeb team provides that opportunity and so much more through their professional learning communities.

Jacob Hanson, Managing Partner, PR with Panache!

Over 200 educators joined us live via an edWeb webinar. 15 demo leads, 1 verbal commitment for a 450-teacher district within 3 days, over 600 leads who can watch the full recording, plus upbeat coverage by eSchool News titled, “The Must-Have Elements of Teacher-Loved PD.” These webcasts are the first place I’d invest in.

Ilya Zeldin, CEO, 2gnō.me

Now that our community is live, we couldn’t be happier. I just wanted to say thank you for making this a successful and positive experience. We just love your whole team and are so thankful for all the TLC.

Erin King, EVP, Sales & Marketing, Abrams Learning Trends

We are very excited to be the exclusive sponsor of the Building Understanding in Mathematics community. edWeb and Sara’s history of delivering top notch continuing education for professionals within the mathematics community is very important to our industry. We are honored to be a part of the process.

Arjan Khalsa, CEO and Founder, Conceptua Math

Recently, the Acumen Partners hosted an webinar, ‘Becoming a Data-Driven Organization.’ Our follow-up email had incredible results, with a 46.4% open rate and an 8.9% click through rate. As a consulting and advisory firm focused on data-driven results, edWeb is able to provide valuable data to their customers and community. As schools, districts, and businesses look for accountability in their spending, what better way than for vendors and education professionals to partner in a focused environment for professional learning that provides a valued connection between educator and vendor.

Michael Campbell, Vice President Client Development, Principal Advisor, Acumen Partners

The level of discussion we experienced in the chat room was inspiring. The participants were sharing some of their challenges while offering up possible solutions to their peers. We are very excited about future engagement in the Classroom Environments community as we expand on our edWebinar series.

Joe Forgét, VP of Brand Strategy, MeTEOR Education

The team at edWeb does phenomenal work to make sure all elements of the webinars run smoothly, from working with clients to find the right presenters to the technical execution of the webinar. Best of all, they help us reach a large audience of educators who are looking for new solutions in education.

Shari-Lynn Sare, Marketing Communications Manager, Nureva

edWeb is a vital networking tool for Girls Thinking Global. As founders of a start-up non-profit, it was important for us to find a reputable organization to help us share our mission and reach professionals in the world of education who share our passion for educating and empowering adolescent girls and young women around the world. In just a short time, edWeb has enabled us to reach over 1,000 people through our webinar series on leadership. We cannot say enough good things about the professionalism of Lisa Schmucki and her team. We look forward to continuing our relationship with edWeb and would highly recommend their services to anyone trying to connect with professionals in the world of education.

Kathy Hurley and Deb deVries, founders, Girls Thinking Global

Other people say they’ll be there for you all the time, and they aren’t. edWeb actually is.

Linda Winter, President, Winter Group

edWeb is a godsend! I don’t know how else we would broadcast all this wonderful information.

Robert Meyer, Publisher, Ventris Learning

Representation at this esteemed level by such renowned professionals is in keeping with our desire to continually offer relevant information related to library growth and transformation. This community that we are sponsoring provides us with the perfect channel to speak to educators who possess the same passion and focus.

Randal Heise, Co-Owner, Mackin

I feel so empowered when I work with you! Your professional team and support systems are absolutely amazing! I talk about edWeb everywhere I go…it is a pleasure to share what you are doing with the business that supports clients.

Dione Christy, Ph.D., Director, Principal Leadership Development, National Association of Elementary School Principals

We have a unique opportunity to speak to–and listen to–the educators who are out there every day reaching and teaching students. Together we can build a caring community of teachers and learners.

Judy Galbraith, President and Founder, Free Spirit Publishing

Kudos to your wonderful team. They are smart, organized, responsive, and a delight to work with!

Cheri Sterman, Crayola Director of Education

edWeb has substantially raised our visibility with new audiences. Through our community features and webinars, we are able to promote thought leadership, professional learning, and audience participation around our mission. The monthly webinars have been phenomenal. They have helped us consistently reach large and international audiences, and have taken the burden off of of us to coordinate, manage, and promote webinars. I highly recommend edWeb’s professional learning community services.

Kelly Mendoza, Sr. Manager of Professional Development, Common Sense Education


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