Professional Learning and Development Surveys

PD statisticedWeb is kicking off back-to-school with two webinars and three surveys on professional learning and development! Callie Turk, founder of Intersections in Education Consulting, began the webinar on “Building Trust, Respect, and Empathy into Personalized PD” by discussing the fall 2015 Personalized Professional Learning Survey sponsored by Performance Matters. The survey aimed to determine how districts were doing in terms of building personalized professional learning climates, and uncovered best practices and obstacles related to those climates. Turk stated that although the survey covered many topics, teachers defined respect and trust as the “bedrock attitudes” of any personalized professional learning initiative. Turk concluded her part of the presentation with the question, “What one thing you would like to see your district do this school year to build more trust and respect for teachers into your professional learning practices?” The webinar attendees gave various responses including, more input from teachers and more relevant PD opportunities.

Nader Twal, Program Administrator for innovative Professional Development (iPD) in the Office of Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Development of Long Beach Unified School District, continued the webinar by discussing his district’s use of a design for a personalized professional development system. Twal began by stressing the importance of listening first and designing second when figuring out the needs to be addressed regarding PD. He then mentioned that the system framework must be anchored in the needs of an empowered and effective teacher, and that the system provides differentiated, multimodal, anytime, anywhere PD for those teachers. He pointed out that teachers wanted a “life plan” to build into their daily cycle of learning and help with continuous growth; they wanted to be able to make mistakes and fix them, which they can do using the myPD Systems Map presented in the webinar.

ETIN SurveyIn the next webinar, “Get the Survey Results: Online Professional Learning,” Karen Billings, recently retired as Vice President and Managing Director of SIIA’s Education Technology Industry Network (ETIN), began by discussing the spring 2016 Vision K-20 Professional Learning Survey released by ETIN. The survey aimed to get insight about online professional learning practices and experiences from education leaders. In the survey, 59% of PreK-12 respondents and 51% of Higher Ed respondents claimed to be enrolled in online learning courses within the past year. The number one reason why Pre-K 12 respondents were enrolled in online professional learning courses was due to personal interest or knowledge. This was also similar for Higher Ed.

edWeb Teacher PD Survey 2016Lisa Schmucki, founder and CEO of, continued the second webinar by discussing a Teacher Professional Development Survey conducted by edWeb in spring 2016. The survey aimed to learn more about connected educators from current edWeb members. One survey question asked, “Why do you participate in teacher professional development programs?” The top three answers from respondents were, “I enjoy learning new ideas and practices from peers and experts in my field,” “It helps me improve my teaching,” and “It helps me improve learning for my students.” Schmucki pointed out that these answers paralleled ETIN’s survey results of respondents having a desire for personal interest or knowledge in online professional learning. Schmucki noted, “We’re attracting people in the early stages of the connected educator movement, with educators who are doing this just for the intrinsic benefits of participation.”

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Vision K-20 Professional Learning Survey

Teacher Professional Development Survey