Pathways to Participation for Preservice Teachers

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Pathways to Participation for Preservice Teachers, published by, looks at how online networks can help preservice and new teachers connect with practicing educators who can provide them with the knowledge, resources, mentoring and general support they will need to be successful in the classroom.

In 2013, approximately 200,000 teacher candidates graduated from 1,200 college or university-based teacher education programs throughout the United States.  If teacher educators can expose their students to independent online communities, these growing online communities can be a valuable educational resource, constituting scalable, accessible and cost-effective professional development opportunities that afford preservice and new teachers a window into the real world of teacher practice and experience.

Pathways to Participation for Preservice Teachers reviews research, past experience, and examples of current practice using online networks to connect preservice teachers with in-service educators.  The report was written by Dr. Karen Collias, an educational advisor and researcher with more than 25 years of experience in the United States and abroad. Dr. Collias has worked as an analyst, evaluator and director in national educational reform programs focusing on teacher preparation and science education and recently completed an evaluation of STEM education for the State of Delaware.

The report was published by and is co-sponsored by Knowledge Without Borders and MCH Strategic Data.

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