Mathcraft: How to Use Minecraft to Teach Common Core Math


Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 2.12.17 PMIn this webinar for the Game-Based Learning community, third grade teacher Jim Pike demonstrated Mathcraft, a Common Core Math curriculum centered around the popular video game Minecraft that he developed and has been using with his students over the past year.  Jim teaches in South Central Los Angeles, where much of the student population is living far below the poverty level. Jim’s Mathcraft curriculum helped increase the math performance of his class from 18% correct at the beginning of the year to 83% correct during the end-of-year retesting, while drastically improving the academic culture of his class.  Jim provided attendees with the skills and confidence to use this popular video game to impart the conceptual foundation of Common Core Math with students. He shared how to use the game blocks as hands-on manipulatives to construct math problems for any grade level. Jim explored electrical engineering by building a binary machine out of Redstone, and work on teaching through the use of fun games.  Jim also shared Mathcraft lesson plans during the event as well. View the webinar to learn how to improve common core math learning at your school with Mathcraft, while igniting a passion for education in your student body!

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