edWeb 2016 Survey on Teacher Professional Development

This survey was updated in 2019. 

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edWeb Teacher PD Survey 2016

edWeb’s 2016 survey on Teacher Professional Development provides insights on the kinds of professional development (PD) teachers find most helpful to improve their teaching practice and their students’ learning.

All educators need PD and learning that is relevant to their practice to keep up with the rapid pace of change in technology and education initiatives such as ESSA, Common Core, Next Gen Science Standards, Future Ready, and more.

edWeb conducted this survey to:

  • Understand what kind of PD teachers find most helpful to improve their teaching practice and their students’ learning
  • Learn about the professional learning program elements that are most important to teachers
  • Assess how edWeb compares with other teacher professional learning options
  • Learn how edWeb members are similar to or different from teachers in general

The survey was sent by edWeb in March 2016 to 150,000 edWeb members and also to a random sample of 400,000 teachers from the MCH Strategic Data K-12 teacher file.

One of the most striking results of the survey is the difference in response between edWeb members and the sample of MCH teachers regarding the value of online courses, webinars, and videos to assist in helping to improve practice as a teacher: 84% of edWeb members rated online courses, webinar and videos the most helpful vs. 38% for the MCH teacher respondents.

When asked why they participate in PD programs, both edWeb members and the MCH teacher respondents reported that learning from peers and experts, improving their practice, and improving the learning for their students were the highest motivators, and even more so for edWeb members.

The survey asked about a range of activities that would indicate that a teacher is a leader and mentor:

  • I’ve attended an educational conference in the past year
  • I’m a teacher leader, mentor or coach
  • I’m involved in my school’s efforts to integrate technology
  • I’ve presented at a conference, workshop, or webinar
  • I have a leadership role in my school/district

For each of these activities, edWeb members reported higher participation and engagement than the teachers who responded from the MCH list.

Lisa Schmucki, the founder of edWeb.net, commented, “We were really surprised at how highly edWeb members rate the value of online courses, webinars, and videos compared with the teachers from the MCH list. The results warrant further research. We were also overwhelmed at how highly our members rated edWeb compared to other online PD networks and resources. 85% of our members rated edWeb, “Excellent/Very Good.” The next best resources were YouTube and Pinterest, tied at 47%.”

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