Dr. Rob Furman Shares Tools for Motivating Readers

In this month’s interview with Education Talk Radio, Dr. Robert Furman, Principal at South Park Elementary School in Pennsylvania, provides listeners with resources that can be used to support students who may be reluctant to read.  Rob references 10 topics from the article, “Taming the Wild,” by Pamela Allyn.  He emphasizes the importance of educators being able to point their students in the right direction.  One of his favorite websites is Bookwizard, which helps students and teachers choose a book based on search keys that pique their interest.

Robert Furman shares helpful resources for motivating students with technology.

Robert Furman shares helpful resources for motivating students with technology.

Teachers are beginning to see the value in using technology, particularly when it comes to narrowing down one child’s interest through the use of searches. Dr. Furman shared Goodreads, which is another website that helps teachers search through catalogues of books, as well as Listbuilder, which helps with searches specific to Common Core standards. Skype an author network does a free skype session with a student after they have read a book providing them with a chance to connect with an author.  Using technology really allows teachers and students to enhance the experience both during and after the read.

Rob speaks about the changing nature of teaching.  In this day and age, teachers are becoming guides and newer teachers are entering schools as the “veterans” of tech tools.  The novice teachers can help students with a more collaborative approach and introduce experienced teachers to the newer technology and techniques that enhance education.  When it comes to technology, Rob believes “there is a big difference between integrating it versus actually using it for instructional purposes.”

To learn more about Rob or contact him, his website is: www.furmanr.com.

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Original Air Date: 8/9/13

Hosted by Larry Jacobs of Education Talk Radio.

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